Anarchy Tour Diary #13: This Is Hip-Hop Country

Still in Texas, the Anarchy Tour rages on…

What Up KC?!!!!

James Christos checking in from Mt. Pleasant,TX. First let me start by apologizing to my wife and my family and everyone who expects me to carry myself with a certain level of decency (for a rapper). Second, I want to apologize to all the people that keep up with us on the blog and look forward to the pics and videos. We have lots of video and pictures from the show but unfortunately we really can’t post many of them.

THE SHOW WAS CRAZY!!! Let me tell you something about people in the country. They may close the town down at 9 p.m. You may have to drive two counties over to purchase alcohol.You may need a translator to understand what they are saying through the thick southern accent. But once you take an open pasture, add a trailer for a stage, two 15” speakers, a DJ, two MCs and a heavy metal band (oh yeah, and a couple cases of Natty Ice) … and you have the recipe for the wildest time on the Anarchy Tour yet. East Texas gets down!

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