All the news that’s fit to drink

The good news for the world of beer drinkers is that new brews are always popping up on store shelves. The bad news is they might not be an improvement over what you’re currently drinking.

Anheuser-Busch recently rolled out two new additions to the family with Budweiser Select 55 and Bud Light Golden Wheat. Budweiser Select 55 was the only one of three potential 55-calorie brews test marketed this summer that was actually released. The reviews are all across the board (it was universally panned on Beer Advocate), but most people seem to wonder if the market really needed another low-calorie competitor to Michelob Ultra. The market should have that answer shortly.

The voices at Beer Advocate were only slightly more sold on Bud Light Golden Wheat — it gets a barely passing C+ as an aggregate score. Although the average drinker might find this a nice alternative to Bud Light. 

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