All the dog breeding you can buy with $1.50

A couple days ago, Justin and I visited the Kansas City Star’s Star store. We didn’t do this on purpose. We just wanted to see how far we could get into the bowels of the Star before anyone noticed. But the security guards put a cigarette out on that plan in a hurry. Justin quickly asked where the Star Store was. The guards pointed us downstairs. Once the three guys working in the basement buzzed us in, we discovered that C.W. Gusewelle is making bank for that company — or thinks he is. Who knows what information Mark Zieman messenger-pigeons him at his fortified compound of deer jerky and dog aphrodisiacs.  

The columnist has more books stacked in that sad little retail outlet than any other author. Unfortunately, our managing editor Scott Wilson is a damn ogre with the budget. I asked him if I could get $25 to buy a copy of Gusewelle’s The Rufus Chronicle: Another Autumn. He refused, offering me a mere $1.50 — the price of a Sunday paper. That sucks because the Dallas Morning News called Rufus, “Poetic prose as clean and pure as the brilliant Midwestern sunlight.” So you know it’s good. Plus, the cover says it comes with color photos of Rufus. Probably the usual stuff: sitting side by side on an empty beach staring at the ocean, bathing together, that sort of thing.

How much Gusewelle could I get for the cost of a Sunday paper? Turns out, a lot, but perhaps not as much as I need. Or dream of. 

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