“All I Do Is Click” proves safety and AutoTune don’t always mix

Teens across the country — or, you know, just in Kansas — are going to think twice about not buckling up, thanks to a music video posted by the Kansas Department of Transportation on their Twitter account. Because KDOT knows that nothing gets kids to understand the merits of seat belt safety like out-of-tune AutoTuning.

The thumping beat of DJ Khaled’s clubbanger, “All I Do Is Win,” is the track for this uplifting public safety announcement. Instead of rap superstars Ludacris, Snoop Dogg and Rick Ross confirming their all-around awesomeness, we get Lil General, White Choco and C-Stain urging us to “click it” while bouncing on trampolines and dancing in front of a black sedan they may or may not need to get back to their parents by 10:00PM.

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