Alicia Solo Presents New Music Videos for Republic Tigers, Beautiful Bodies

Solombrino on the set of “Made Concrete.” Photo courtesy

Multifaceted local persona Alicia Solombrino has added something else to her resume: music video directing. She’s debuting her two latest projects — narrative-style videos for the Republic Tigers song “Made Concrete” and “Strut” by her own band the Beautiful Bodies — during a shindig at Crosstown Station tonight. The schmoozefest begins at 7 and will include free Bodies CDs while they last, photography exhibits from the video shoots and, of course, back-to-back screenings of the videos themselves, which should be streaming at by Saturday. The event is free. “We want people to concentrate, and we didn’t want to charge anyone,” Solombrino says.

Best known as the vixen who fronts the Bodies, Solombrino has long dabbled in photography, Web design and video. She says she’d been chewing on the concepts for “Made Concrete” and “Strut” for about a year. She worked closely with video editor Brian Hicks on both projects. “I look at these videos,” Solombrino says, “and I’m already thinking of what I want to do next.” That includes getting out of Kansas City to pursue a directing career. Tonight, Solombrino will also announce her plans to move to New York in 2009.

Crystal K. Wiebe

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