Alejandro Escovedo and the Cody Wyoming Deal, with Dead Voices, last night at 1911 Main

It’s no doubt more than coincidental that Alejandro Escovedo’s closing cover of the Rolling Stones’ “Shine a Light” last night at 1911 Main touched back on one of the spiritual high points of the past year in Kansas City music. Last February’s Crosstown Station tribute to Exile on Main St. featured many of the same musicians as those who played with Escovedo last night. That show, also directed by Cody Wyoming, turned out to be less about the Stones than it was about a community of musicians realizing the strength of their collective. Escovedo was certainly the star of his own show last evening, but it was also a celebration of the ties that bind a large cross-section of Kansas City musicians together — starting with the fact that Escovedo was making this off-tour stop as a gift for the birthday of his good friend Matt Kesler (the Pedaljets, the Doo-Dads).

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