Photos: AJJ, Kimya Dawson, Laura Stevenson, and Shellshag at the Granada


with Kimya Dawson, Laura Stevenson, and Shellshag

The Granada

Saturday, October 6

Any one of the opening acts at the Granada on Saturday could have headlined their own show. The fact that the venue was packed at 7 p.m. for Shellshag was proof of that. Few left over the course of the next several hours. The crowd bore witness to Shellshag’s shambolic garage-rock, Laura Stevenson’s indie pop, Kimya Dawson’s sing-along folk, and AJJ’s political and sharp folk-punk. There was something for everyone: hear-a-pin-drop quiet performances from Stevenson as well as raucous numbers like AJJ’s “Heartilation” or Shellshag’s “There For You,” which brought the audience to a dancing, bouncing frenzy. Photos from the evening below. 

All photos by Nick Spacek