After the Double Down, where does KFC go?

The Double Down is not a “new low” for KFC or a “disaster of a meal.” It’s simply the next step in its transformation into Taco Bell.

Although I’ve been known to review fast foods, I decided enough others in the media had braved the Double Down that I didn’t need to add my two cents. In fact, there are so many mentions across food blogs that it makes me wonder whether KFCs were filled yesterday morning with food bloggers and journalists the same manner that The Daily Show’s John Stewart suggested Chat Roulette was merely media talking to each other.

Sans the sodium and fat influx, I’ve been able to string together a few thoughts beyond “salty” and “meaty.” My conclusion: The Double Down is the result of KFC being under the same roof as Taco Bell for too long. T-Bell’s greatest strength is taking a series of ingredients and repackaging them into an endless number of drive-through-ready menu items. KFC is proving to be an excellent Padawan learner.

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