After 6,000 Missourans dead from coronavirus, Governor Parson activates National Guard

Governor Mike Parson

Gov. Mike Parson outside of his Missouri Capitol office. // Courtesy of the Missouri Governor’s Office

Missouri Governor Mike Parson announced the activation of the National Guard on Wednesday to help vaccinate Missourians according to St. Louis Public Radio.

“The purpose of these vaccination teams is to support our existing vaccinators and provide an additional vaccination source for eligible Missourians that may otherwise have a hard time receiving a vaccine,” Parson says.

On November 12, The Pitch reporter Joseph Hernandez wondered how many deaths it would take for Parson to take the coronavirus pandemic seriously.

According to the New York Times, Missouri had 2,169 new coronavirus cases on January 20, the day Parson announced his plan to activate the National Guard. As of January 21, 6,909 total deaths had been reported in the state.

Screen Shot 2021 01 22 At 111519

Missouri Coronavirus Map and Case Count. // Courtesy of the New York Times

So, it had taken at least 6,000 deaths in Missouri for Parson to take this pandemic seriously. According to the Kansas City Star, Parson tested positive for the coronavirus in September along with his wife. Even that did not encourage him to take action for the people he committed to serve.

According to Parson, the National Guard will start administering vaccines by the end of January.

Nine National Guard teams will be deployed throughout the state at each of Missouri’s highway patrol regions. Each team can vaccinate up to 2,500 people per day.

“The reality is that even though you’re phase may be activated does not necessarily mean you will be able to receive the vaccine right away,” Parson says, “We must all be patient and understand that the state and our partners are working as quickly as possible to get vaccines into the arms of every Missourian who wants one.”

Major General Levon Cumpton of the Missouri National Guard says the Missouri National Guard currently has 290 service members providing assistance at regional food banks, supporting data entry and call center operations, and assisting Parson’s vaccine distribution.

More information on the vaccine is available at

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