Adding to your culinary vocabulary

In the culinary world, new terms are constantly being added. Culinary writer Josh Friedland has been gathering up interesting ones he’s come across in articles and blogs and has compiled them into a handy reference guide on his blog The Food Section.

One word that’s started to pop up in conversation, and which the Food Network has popularized, is recessipes: recipes for the recession, heavy on the grains and pasta, light on the meat.

Another is “twecipe,” which first appeared only two months ago to describe people who try to post an entire recipe on Twitter. The most popular is which can pull off a complicated dish like mint pea soup in only 140 characters:

saute tater&onion/T butter&garlic; +3T whtwine. Simmer15m+4c stock/3T rice/2c peas/sprig parsley; +minced garlic/3T mint/s+p.

Perhaps the one that will last the longest is “Goodfellas thin” to describe how to prepare garlic.

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