ACLU says KCPD math doesn’t add up

When the Kansas City Police Department decided to eliminate domestic partner benefits for its members, an internal memo emphasized that the cut would hurt only eight employees and save a much-needed $421,000 in a tight budget year.

That statistic didn’t sit right with a coalition of local civil rights’ groups, including the ACLU and PROMO. How could one person’s health coverage possibly cost KCPD more than $4,000 per month? So after doing a little research of their own, the groups started an online petition this week arguing that KCPD used fuzzy math to justify cutting health insurance benefits for same-sex partners and unmarried straight couples.

“We’re sure they’ve used inaccurate information as to the cost of coverage in determining to take away benefits from those people for their domestic partners,” says Dan Winter, executive director of the ACLU of Kansas and Western Missouri.

Memos and correspondence within the KCPD seem to justify his concern. Here’s what they say.

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