Abortion insurance law challenge will go to trial in Kansas

  • U.S. District Court: District of Kansas
  • The abortion debate returns to Topeka in March.

A federal judge has ordered a trial to determine if a Kansas law that restricts abortion coverage in private health insurance plans violates federal law. The American Civil Liberties Union of Kansas and Western Missouri argued in court yesterday that the 2011 law should be thrown out because it was designed by Kansas lawmakers to limit abortion. The law bans private companies from offering abortion coverage with the exception of life-threatening situations. Kansas women must currently purchase riders (supplemental coverage at an additional expense).

While U.S. District Court Judge Julie Robinson dismissed the ACLU’s argument, she ruled that another issue – whether the potential cost of an abortion places an undue burden on women in violation of federal protections – should be taken up by the court. A trial has been set for March 18 in Topeka.

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