A margarita roundup for Cinco de Mayo

With the bourbon-fueled celebration of the Kentucky Derby behind us, it’s time to start setting our sights on the tequila-est holiday, Cinco de Mayo.

The natural drink extension of tequila is the margarita, and depending on the temperature on Wednesday, you can go either frozen or on the rocks.

It’s hardest for me to resist citrus-flavored margaritas. A grapefruit margarita has the right mix of tart and sweet, while a smoky grilled grapefruit margarita is the kind of cocktail that could generate cocktail conversation all on its own. Those looking for something a bit sweeter could opt for a peach margarita — a blended concoction of ice, peaches, and tequila.

Margaritas have evolved — or regressed, depending on whether you’re a purist — to feature almost every fruit flavor from pomegranate to guava jalapeno. Perhaps not a shocking turn of events for a drink that can often be found in a frozen slushee machine or novelty home blender.

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