A cereal decision tree

The cereal aisle seems to grow every year, making the choice for your bowl more difficult. Eating the Road has set up a flowchart to help you determine which cereal you should be eating.

It’s a way to narrow down the options between gravel-like substances (Grape Nuts), pretentiousness (Kashi), and whether you care about the roof of your mouth (Cap’n Crunch).

Apparently, cereal has replaced the eyes as a window into one’s soul, since breakfast-food choice is indicative of personality. What’s in your bowl might help determine who’s the right match for you. Even the marshmallows in Lucky Charms say something about your personality type. 

If you need some actual guidance, The Impulsive Buy reviews new cereals in the manner typically reserved for snarky celebrity coverage. It’s nice to know that even Cookie Crisp can generate the type of enthusiasm typically reserved for Twilight.
[Image via Flickr: kinoko parfox]

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