Boy band brigade raids The Truman’s Ugly Christmas Sweater Party on Dec. 3

O-Town, LFO, Ryan Cabrera, and DJ Alex Reed host this year's fundraiser.
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O-Town having a fun chill time. // Courtesy O-Town

Brace yourselves, Kansas City. Thanks to a rift in the time-space continuum, there’s an upcoming concert that combines two things Kansas Citians love: sweatah weathah and the nostalgia of boy bands. 

On Friday, December 3, worlds will collide as the 17th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party featuring O-Town, LFO, Ryan Cabrera, and DJ Alex Reed takes over The Truman. Besides an array of 90s pop confections, the event will also have holiday-themed games, a photo booth, a best costume contest, raffle prizes, and more.

Over the years, the buzzy event has become a Kansas City tradition. Proceeds from the festivities help support Operation Breakthrough, which raises funds for kids living in poverty in Kansas City’s urban core.

To get you in the holiday spirit a bit early, we checked in with one of O-Town’s founding members, Trevor Penick, to find out what Von Dutch hat is most suitable for the upcoming wingding.

Hey, you! Did I hear you’re headed to play in a golf tourney this morning?
Every year—this is, like, the 21st year in a row—me and a buddy do an annual golf tournament at Christmas. I started it when I first was in O-Town so I could see all my friends when I came home for four days during Christmas. We didn’t have a lot of time off. I’m better than the average. I can shoot 77. I can also shoot 107.

There’s a brigade of boy bands headed to Kansas City. Are you ready to make some hearts melt?
 I can’t wait. I still haven’t got my sweater yet, so I gotta get that. We haven’t been to Kansas City since 2016. I have done tons of research on the event, and it seems like so much fun.

Given that it’s a holiday event, will O-Town be busting out any holiday songs?
I don’t know about that. We’ll have to see. I can’t say yes or no.

I’m sure 2020 was a bit too quiet. Good to be back on the road?
Absolutely. Obviously, 2020 we weren’t doing much of anything. In 2021, we started this July and it ended up being a very good 2021. We got to see a lot of fans we hadn’t seen in a long time. It’s been great. So good to see the fans out again and get pictures—that’s what it’s all about.

What’s 2022 looking like? Can fans expect more O-Town…ness? Is that a word?
We just made it a word. For sure, touring more and we’ll see about some new music in ’22 as well. It’s going to be a fun-filled year.

A question from social media: Where is the strangest/dumbest/weirdest place you’ve been recognized?
Okay, we were in the Philippines and did a show in Manilla. But then we left and went to Boracay, a small island in the Philippines. We go there, check-in. And after we check-in, they ask ‘Are you guys O-Town?’ And we said, ‘Yeah!’—and I swear ten people came running out from the back and going crazy.  I was, like, ‘What?!’ It was very surreal. We’re all the way across the other side of the world and to have them recognize us was so cool.

New O Town

O-Town having a fun chill time. // Courtesy O-Town

Does Trevor karaoke? What’s your jam? Your go-to song?
Trevor loves karaoke! It depends on the crowd. You gotta see what kind of energy is there. Do you want to do a ballad or up-tempo? I’ll do some Nelly, I’ll do some country—Garth, Lonestar. I can do Jay-Z or Kanye. I’m all over the board.

I see you’re on Patreon. What can new fans expect?
I do a lot of workouts. I’m also doing s ton solo music. They get songs when they’re in the works, in process. Like, I just came up with the idea, here’s the first recording, here’s the final version. It’s pretty cool—a good behind-the-scenes for a musician developing their craft.

Because we’re getting in the holiday spirit, what’s a holiday staple for you?
It’s going to see the lights in Rancho Cucamonga on Thoroughbred Street. Taking the kids, all my nieces and nephews. Have eggnog, have drinks, and see the carolers. But seeing the lights—it’s my favorite thing to do. 

The 17th Annual Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

The Truman, 601 East Truman Road, Kansas City

Friday, December 3rd – 7:30 p.m. / 21 & over

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