96.5 the Buzz has a present for dog-park hater Eula Inloes

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From listening to Afentra’s Big Fat Morning Buzz on KRBZ 96.5 this morning, I gather that the morning jocks recently spoke on-air with Eula Inloes, president of the Here’s Waldo Neighborhood Association. Inloes, whom Afentra said is in her 90s, offered safety tips for her neighbors now that the Waldo Rapist is on the prowl.

Afentra said this morning that in her earlier talk with Inloes, the senior citizen mentioned how much she’d love to own a police scanner. Afentra took to Twitter to find a scanner for Inloes, and a listener donated one to the station. The radio personalities left a message on Inloes’ machine this morning, telling her that they’d be stopping by with said police scanner on Monday morning. It’s like Christmas in February!

Pitch readers may recall that Inloes played a prominent role in the debate over the Sunnyside dog park. That idea was proposed — grass-roots-style — approved by the Dog Park Task Force, but then shot down like Old Yeller after opponents such as Inloes (whose BFF is Parks Board Commissioner Aggie Stackhaus) poo-pooed the idea of dirty doggies playing freely at Sunnyside.

A police scanner, one imagines, may swell Inloes’ cranky powers to superhero proportions. Perhaps the Buzz should also give her a costume so she can play sidekick to Alonzo Washington‘s crime-fighting, Blade-wannabe comic-book character.

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