7′-tall Ace Frehley-impersonating Taylor Swift menaces wee Keith Urban

Thanks to alert E!Online reader and country music fan Cletus Paisley for alerting us to this hilarious celebrity prank that happened right in our own backyard. Apparently this past Saturday at Sprint Center, a tiny Luke Wilson lookalike got up on stage and played upbeat, guitar-driven pop music and called it country. What’ll they think of next!?

Wait … what’s that, Cletus? That wasn’t the prank? Oh, that was Keith Urban? Woops. Our bad.

The actual prank, as they’re calling it, occurred when tourmate Taylor Swift, dressed as KISS guitarist Ace Frehley and towering hopelessly over Urban, appeared on stage with other KISS impersonators — as well as Hershey’s Kiss impersonators, for good measure — during the song “Kiss a Girl.” In the video, Urban drops to his knees, disappearing completely behind an audience member’s hair clip. We’re not sure whether he does it out of humor or fear (those KISS masqueraders are HUGE next to him), but, like a true professional, he carries on with the song.

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