10 things celebrity chefs won’t tell you

While fame seemed to come accidentally to Julia Child and Jeff Smith, today’s celebrity chefs court it relentlessly which is why I distrust most of them. The magazine Smart Money does too, and has put together a list of things these star “chefs” don’t want you to know.

Many of these personalities are not in fact chefs. Rachael Ray makes no bones about this but neither is Nigella Lawson, Paula Deen or Dave Lieberman.

Instead, many personalities are chosen based on their sex-appeal. This isn’t a surprise to anyone who has watched more than a minute of Giada De Laurentiis’ show. She’s talented but it also helps that she has model looks. Padma Lakshmi is another example — she went from Star Trek to discussing the merits of a dish with the most talented chefs in the country.

It’s definitely worth checking out Smart Money‘s list before you run out and buy any personality’s cookbook.

Via Daily Fork

(Image via Flickr: OppositeofSuper)

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