10 Questions for Remi Remlinger of Kosher + MP3s

Remi Remembers


Not too long ago, in Warrensburg, Missouri, punk was kosher and Kosher was punk.

Starting in the dredges of the Warrensburgeois punk scene and rising all the way to a contract with L.A.’s BYO Records, Kosher was a pretty big deal. Its frontman, Remi Remlinger, is remembered as a patriarch of the scene, and the now-grown kids are going wild for the group’s reunion this weekend.

If you youngins recognize the name Remlinger it may be because of Remi’s little brothers, Sonny and Joe, who play together in KC power trio Super Black Market. But what you probably don’t know is that all three Remlingers used to have a band called G.O.D. with Scott Burnett of Minnow Records. Burnett recently created a MySpace for the group. It’s sick.

The Wayward Blog caught up with Remi via to answer 10 questions about himself and Kosher. Read it and snag some MP3s after the jump.

Show Info: Kosher plays with Super Black Market tonight, Friday, May 2 at the Brick and tomorrow, Saturday, May 3, at The 400 in Warrensburg.

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