Zeigenbock Kopf

Electronic-music powerhouse Tigerbeat6 has released its first comedy album. The handiwork of Hans and Uli Bunschlapen and Meister Detlef (actually ex-Pink & Brown member John Dwyer), this record is the soundtrack to Tom of Finland’s in-your-face, up-your-ass homoerotic fantasies. Actually, Submissions is a straight guy’s warped idea of what type of music drives hypersexed, pumped-up gays to get down and dirty. In contrast to stereotypical gay icons such as Madonna, Cher and Erasure, Zeigenbock Kopf gives muscular S&M freaks idealized, over-the-top aural entertainment while they commit unspeakable acts of depravity. And that happens to sound like DJ Scud’s filthiest, most distorted bass frequencies set to beats that recall ’80s electronic pioneers Suicide, D.A.F., and the Normal, all while Dwyer sadistically grumbles hilariously deadpan lines about man love. But even at 32 minutes, Submissions wears thin, its poof spoof hammered home too hard too often, leaving us sore as hell.

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