Zach Moores of Crows Coffee buys Coffee Girls

Zach Moores of midtown’s Crows Coffee is spreading his wings.

The 40-year-old entrepreneur, who opened his first coffee house at 51st Street and Oak two years ago, has recently completed a deal to purchase the Coffee Girls venue at 7440 Washington. He had been negotiating with Lindsey Patterson-Smith, who owned this location for the last five years, for nearly a year.

“I’ve known Lindsey for a long time,” Moores says. “We talked last year about doing something, but she wasn’t ready to sell it. She and her husband have a child now, and a few months ago, I approached her again, and she was ready to sell.

“We came to terms quickly. The surprise for me was discovering that there’s more work involved in acquiring an existing business than starting a new one,” he says.

Moores will be making some notable changes to the Coffee Girls location. The name, he says, will change to Crows Coffee in a few months, and he’ll be serving Messenger Coffee, which is what he serves at Crows.

He’s also in discussions with Robin Krause of the UnBakery about offering her fruit juices and smoothies instead of making them in-house (“I would prefer not having a big loud juicer in here,” Moores says) and plans on making changes to the food menu, keeping some of the best-selling sandwich and wraps while dropping others.

Moores, who offers baked goods from Scratch Bakery, Baked in Kansas City, Lucky Cakes, and McClain’s at Crows Coffee, plans to use the same vendors for the new Crows venue. The chef at the new location will continue to be Nobian Henan.

“I’m also planning a redesign of the interior,” Moores says. “There are a lot of hard surfaces in here and it can get really loud.”

The hours will be the same as the Crows Coffee on 51st Street, from 6 a.m. to 9 p.m. Moores is applying for a wine and beer license and plans to offer live music.

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