YouTube removes video of Shawnee Mission School District meeting due to false claims about the effects of masking

Shawnee Mission School District

The video of Shawnee Mission School District’s most recent board of education meeting has been taken down by YouTube following “medical misinformation” from parents about the dangers or ineffectiveness of masks.

During the board’s meeting on Monday, several parents from the district asked board members to reconsider the school’s current masking requirement, citing concerns such as diseases associated with decreased oxygen—a concern that has been proven unwarranted.

In a Twitter thread, board President Heather Ousley addressed the removal of the video and urged people to seek out accurate and credible information around COVID-19.

“As I said during our meeting, comments made by third parties are not indicative of our Board or our District’s position or mission,” she wrote. “While we work to correct this, I will again refer folks to librarians who can help when making determinations on whether a source is credible.

All of the board’s meetings are made available on YouTube, but YouTube removed this one, citing “medical misinformation” as the reason in a message to the district. YouTube has guidelines specifically set for any misinformation shared on the platform about COVID-19.

David Smith, the district’s communications manager, told the Shawnee Mission Post  in an email that this action threatens the public comment part of meeting procedure.

“It’s not pleasant to listen to speakers sharing medical misinformation, but when their freedom of speech threatens the public access of the entire community, that is a problem,” Smith says.

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