Your days of having to smuggle Yuengling beers across state lines are over

Yuengling has expanded into Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. // Courtesy of Yuengling

Yuengling Beer, the oldest brewery in America, has expanded into Missouri, Kansas, and Oklahoma. So, after years of smuggling beers across state lines, Kansas Citians can now purchase Yuengling beers in local stores.

Yuengling’s portfolio will be available for Missouri consumers, including the Yuengling® Traditional LAGER, Light Lager, Golden Pilsner, and FLIGHT by Yuengling.

“Missouri’s a great beer-drinking state, so it just seemed to be a natural fit for us,” Chief Administrative Officer Wendy Yuengling says. “We have folks that have been smuggling our products into the state of Missouri and even Kansas and Oklahoma for years now. So, we felt like it was a good opportunity for us to open up the market finally.” 

Wendy says that they knew they would face challenges expanding into an area like Missouri, which has many well-established and loved breweries. Still, she believes in their business’ ability to make a beverage for all kinds of beer drinkers.

“We pride ourselves on providing a beer for every taste,” Wendy says.

Before this move, they sold beer in 23 states along the east coast but wanted to start migrating into the Midwest.

Kansas citians can now find Yuengling beer in local stores. // Courtesy of Yuengling

They have been preparing for about a year to do this expansion, always listening to consumers to find where the “pent-up demand” for their beer will lead them. After recognizing where the demand is, the company does more in-depth research on the fan base, distributor partners, and what selection of beers they will use before announcing an expansion.

Wendy says that since the company has been around for 194 years and has a reputation for making quality beers, they never rush into a decision. The company wants to feel completely prepared to share its brand with a new area.

“We’re very slow and methodical in how we do things, so we’re not in any rush to be a national brand. The fact that we’re in over half the country now is a huge milestone for our family,” Wendy says. “To us, it’s more important that we are doing things right rather than doing them fast.”

When Wendy says family, she doesn’t only mean a “work family.” She leads the company alongside her three sisters and dad. They are part of the fifth and sixth generations of Yuengling family members to run the brewery.

It was her great-great-great grandfather that settled in Pottsville, Pennsylvania, and began Yuengling in 1829. The original brewery had to be rebuilt in 1831 after a fire, but it is still used to make beer and is open for tours to the public.

“It’s exciting for me to be a small part of our story,” Wendy says. “It’s humbling to know that the only reason we’re here today is because of the commitment and the perseverance of previous generations and employees.” 

If you’re one of the fans clamoring for a Yuengling beer or want your first taste, you can use the company’s “Find Our Beer” tracker to find where the nearest retailer, bar, or restaurant has it for sale.

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