You can finally get some good Korean fried chicken around here: Best of KC 2019

Crispy, tangy, delicious Korean fried chicken from Kokodak. // Photo by Zach Bauman.

Our annual Best of Kansas City 2019 issue is out now. Go grab a copy. Alternatively, you can browse the results of the readers’ poll here. The issue also includes a list, compiled and written by The Pitch’s editorial staff, shouting out some of our current favorite things about KC. We’ll be publishing these items online throughout the month of October.

Kansas City’s culinary claim to fame is obviously barbecue. But a case could be made that our fried chicken deserves more than a smidge of recognition. There’s Stroud’s, Rye, Niecie’s, Go Chicken Go, the North End. Fine-dining restaurants like Corvino Supper Club and Fox & Pearl also serve a take on this classic dish. But for a long time, there’s been a critical gap in our fried chicken repertoire: Korean Fried Chicken—the other KFC. Which makes the arrival of Overland Park’s Kokodak (14856 Metcalf Ave) so welcome. Koreans generally insist on freshness, so no previously frozen birds are acceptable at Kokodak. Crispy breading is a must, so you get a mighty exterior crunch and juicy, flavorful meat inside. The chicken can be served “southern” style (as in the southern United States) or doused in spicy, tangy gochujang. Or garlic sauce. Or—to bring this full circle—barbecue sauce. At Kokodak, you choose from a number of configurations of drums, wings, and boneless bites, and then you wait (usually about 20 minutes), because fresh-to-order takes time. But trust us: It’s worth it.

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