Yo La Tengo in Springfield: Concert Review

Yo La Tengo, with Kurt Wagner

Saturday, January 19

Randy Bacon’s Gallery Sounds, Springfield, MO

File under: Art Gallery Rock and/or Q&Acore

Better than: Kissing Ron Paul in a RuPaul costume.


I first saw Yo La Tengo 12 freakin’ years ago at Lollapalooza 1995. It was mid-afternoon on a smoldering parking lot stage, and the artsy Hoboken, NJ, trio rocked just hard enough to impress the discerning 14-year-old critic in me. I bought their Electro-Pura LP soon thereafter, and a couple weeks later, I actually started liking it.

Hard to imagine that kissy-facers Ira Kaplan and Georgia Hubley have been making music twice that long (they started in 1984 and added bassist James McNew in 1991). Hence the “Freewheeling Yo La Tengo Tour” – a stripped-down venture a la VH1 Storytellers that inspired the band to book out-of-the-way venues like Randy Bacon’s Gallery Sounds in Springfield, Missouri.

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