Yo Gabba Gabba

The tagline of Yo Gabba Gabba‘s U.S. tour is “There’s a Party in My City.” Any musically conscious parent familiar with the hit TV series knows that young and old are guaranteed a visual and aural throw-down when the cast hits Kansas City with veteran rapper Biz Markie. Created by Aquabats’ lead singer Christian Jacobs, the show has garnered buzz among hip parents by hosting an impressive array of guests: Of Montreal, Chromeo, the Shins, Mark Mothersbaugh, and Lawrence natives Mates of State, to name a few. It’s a soundtrack of candy-colored but never obnoxious children’s songs that keeps kids brushing their teeth and saying their pleases and thank-yous. The live show brings the same brand of entertainment that has kept young parents and their offspring entertained for three seasons. (The Flaming Lips perform “I Can Be a Frog” at the show in Oklahoma City the night before Kansas City’s date.) Expect beat-boxing, bright graphics and the full spectrum of the show’s furry friends.

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