Ying Yang Twins

Lesser rappers are justified in their envy of the Ying Yang Twins’ “Halftime,” which has become the unofficial anthem for the New Orleans Saints. Unlike some one-hit, sports-arena wonders, though, the dirty rap duo from Atlanta has been a genuine hit maker for the past 10 years. (Among those successes are “What’s Happnin,” “Say I Yi Yi” and collabs with Lil Jon and — yes, really — Britney Spears.) Amid the swamp of pop-rap that cropped up in the early ’00s, the Ying Yang Twins have stood out, in part, for their sheer energy, a contagious liveliness owed to the club-banging swagger of the crunk they’ve popularized and nearly perfected. To quote the Twins: Ladies and Gentlemen/If you haven’t had enough/You better hide yo’ lunch/Cause we ’bout to eat that ass up. Dust off your pimp cup, Lawrence. The Twins are coming for you.

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