Yes You Are, Cuee, Warm Bodies, and more of the latest and greatest local music videos in KC and Lawrence

We start out with a Harry & the Potters video, then we hit a hat trick of fantastic hip-hop featuring A’Sean, Zarin Micheal, and Cuee. And that’s only the halfway point of this month’s Cine Local. There’s also noise punk from Warm Bodies, garage rock from the Harrisonics, and dance-pop from Yes You Are. Enjoy.

Harry & the Potters, “Where’s Ron?” ft. Kimya Dawson 

Puppets populate the latest video from the new Harry & the Potters’ album Lumos. “Where’s Ron?” was made directed by Neil Cicierega and Alora Lanzillotta, and it’s so charming, we had to fight the urge to smash our hands through the screen and try to smoosh the ever-loving hell out of these adorable Potter Puppet Pals. They’re just too cute. Plus, the song plays out like Harry / Hermione romance fanfic, and we’re totally here for that as well.

Read our recent interview with Harry & the Potters’ Paul DeGeorge about the band’s new album.

A’Sean, “Love Again” 

The Jack Raybuck-lensed video for “Love Again,” off A’Sean’s One Big Happy Family album, eschews the VHS imagery that’s hot with a lot of rap-video directors at the moment and goes even further back in time with a sepia-toned 8mm aesthetic. Read our recent feature on A’Sean and One Big Happy Family.

Zarin Micheal, “Stone” ft. Daduworld & Southside Dame 

This here’s another gorgeously lit, sunny hip-hop video from Jack Raybuck. The director has a definite talent for capturing naturalistic performances, setting videos in surroundings that bring out the realness in the lyrics. Here, that approach sees Micheal and friends hanging out, playing cards, and talking about some serious shit — all couched in a visual style that seems to say, “Just trying to make it through another day.”

Cuee, “Feeling Lucky” 

This track is on Cuee’s latest album, Shameless, and in the video we see an alternating series of mishaps and windfalls reshuffling the rapper’s fortunes. The organ stab that winds through the song lends the whole thing a head-nodding counterpoint rhythm to the beat, and using said stab to edit the cuts in the video is a super dope move.

Warm Bodies, Noda Studios

Filmed live at Noda Studios in Charlotte, North Carolina, these five and three quarter minutes of Warm Bodies footage are intense. Added to the band’s unceasingly, uncompromisingly punk sound are video manipulations that evidently include material from Kablam, The Grudge, A day in Tokyo Japan 1960, Play-Doh commercials, and more, and while I can’t identify anything specifically, it’s amazingly distressing and weird. Good work, gang.

Check out Warm Bodies’ latest, UFO EXTREMO’s, at Bandcamp.

The Harrisonics, “I’m Not Your Steppin’ Stone” (live)

Lawrence’s the Harrisonics are all about garage rock, the British invasion, and any number of catchy, jangly acts from the ’60s and ’70s, so who better to cover this Paul Revere & the Raiders’ song? When they played this at the Gaslight in Lawrence a couple weeks back, they brought a kid named Jack up on stage to perform this with them, and he nailed it.

You can find quite a few other songs from the night at user lhelmigrbram’s YouTube page, including covers of the Kinks and the Velvet Underground.

Yes You Are, “Can’t Stop Me” 

If you were in need of a summertime bop to scream the chorus of while sweaty and drunk, might we suggest the latest from Yes You Are? Like Icona Pop’s “I Love It,” it’s a fuck-off rock anthem with a bouncy-ass beat. There’s a choreographed dance sequence, too. Big Dance Energy, we call that.

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