YEEEAH BUDDY’s anti-Valentine dance party, Hater’s Ball 2, goes down at Czar Bar

It’s a little early to start pouting about Valentine’s Day, single kids, but it’s never too early to shake your ass. YEEEAH BUDDY is more than willing to help with the second cause: The DJ party is throwing its second Hater’s Ball on February 4.

Some of you may remember one of the first parties we ever did at Czar way back in, like, the first part of 2008, which was our original Hater’s Ball Party. It was an Anti-Valentine’s Day affair, and we’re bringing it back for round 2. No reason to pout over being single this time of year or over-analyze your current relationship because Hallmark says you should.

DJs Bee-Stee, Sike and DJ Sku and Brent Tactic will spin rap, rock, funk and house to get the dance floor moving.

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