Wynton Marsalis

The all-inclusive nature of the term jazz is both a blessing and a curse, a fact upon which former young-lion-turned-lion-king Wynton Marsalis seemingly has built his career. A staid preservationist compared with the derring-do of his more progressive contemporaries and a daring progressive to the blue-haired set that easily slips into cardiac arrhythmia if a high-hat abandons two and four, Marsalis continues to both thrill and frustrate critics at every turn. Aesthetic arguments aside, Marsalis has succeeded in establishing the Lincoln Center Jazz Orchestra as the premier jazz performing ensemble in the world. And just in case anyone is wondering if this lion’s teeth are starting to dull, a quick listen to the LCJO’s recent Coltrane tribute, A Love Supreme, should be enough to prove that Marsalis can still bite down hard.

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