Wyco bootcamp E-Ship Rising celebrates one year, strives to foster business know-how

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E-Ship Rising graduate Virgina Boiling takes photos with a bearded dragon for her business, Mother of Dragons. // Courtesy Sheyvette Dinkens

​”Millennials are starting businesses at younger ages than their counterparts in previous generations,” reads a blurb from E-Ship Rising’s website.

E-Ship was originally conceived by Sheyvette Dinkens, local author, community advocate, and educator, and Tovah Madden, Founder of the Royale Cohesive Network. The pair seeks to provide tools for economic success for Wyandotte County youth and their families, especially when it comes to building a business from scratch.


Thanks to Sheyvette Dinkens, Kansas City’s young entrepreneurs are in good hands. // Courtesy Sheyvette Dinkens

Sheyvette is an entrepreneur in her own right, and she wears many hats. Originally from Liberal, KS, she received degrees from Washburn and Baker—not to mention a Master’s in Secondary Education from Fort Hays University. She sees herself as someone who gets things done, and knows the importance of community support systems. Sheyvette has been a Licensed Addiction Counselor for nearly 15 years.

The Royale Cohesive Network, Tovah’s collaborative group of young entrepreneurs—sometimes called the Royale Youth Vendor Squad—developed a program in which young people could grow their businesses. Members are provided with an individualized set of components that teaches critical thinking, values, and life skills, which then empower them to master the fundamentals of financial wealth.

E-Ship Rising is set up in five tasks, or courses: The Drive, The Why, The Idea, The Plan, and The Pitch, where participants finally share their business ideas with a panel of judges, talk about the overall experience, and register their startup with the state of Kansas.

Step three, The Idea, revolves around exploring marketplace opportunities and assessing the huge risk that comes with opening any small business. Young entrepreneurs need to know what they’re getting into, and E-Ship wants to make sure young people have a chance to glean that knowledge.

The course takes place over 12 weeks and is open to any youth residing in Wyandotte County, up to the age of 25. Register here for upcoming classes on September 6 and February 7, 2022, at 1303 Central Ave., KCK.

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