WWE referee John Cone makes his dollars in doughnuts and pro wrestling

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  • Ref John Cone plays by WWE’s rulebook.

John Cone’s job is to keep order in World Wrestling Entertainment’s rings. It’s not easy, especially when an angry, 266-pound Brock Lesnar is charging like a bull.

Cone, a referee with the wrestling company, knows from experience. At WWE’s April pay-per-view event, Extreme Rules, Cone tried to keep the match on track but ended up on the wrong side of the former WWE and UFC champion.

“It was kind of exciting to get clotheslined by Brock Lesnar,” Cone says, “I gotta admit.”
When Cone isn’t traveling the world on the wrestling circuit, he comes home to Kansas City. He and his wife own Donut King (2320 Armour Road) in North Kansas City.

“I don’t get in there too much anymore because of my schedule,” Cone admits. “I leave that up to my wife and sister-in-law now.”

Cone is in his hometown for a taping of WWE’s SmackDown at the Sprint Center on Tuesday, July 24. The WWE will be coming off a milestone night: Monday Night Raw’s 1,000th episode, in St. Louis. The Kansas City card features Triple H, Sheamus, Alberto Del Rio and Daniel Bryan.

The Pitch caught Cone on a rare day off, and he shared his favorite WWE moments as well as his latest doughnut experiment.

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