Wonder Fair’s new gallery opens Friday in downtown Lawrence

Photo by Joe Carey.

Wonder Fair, the downtown Lawrence print shop slash art-supply emporium, started out in 2008 as a gallery, hosting exhibitions in its basement and later its second-floor space at 803 Massachusetts Street.

In recent years, though, Wonder Fair has evolved into more of a retail shop, full of zines, prints, ceramics, and other lovely and thoughtful gifts. Art installations and exhibitions are still occasionally held in the back room, but not nearly as frequently as in the Wonder Fair of yore.

But that will soon change! On Friday, Meredith Moore and Paul DeGeorge debut the Wonder Fair Gallery at 15 West 9th Street—formerly a discount tobacco shop between Wheatfields and Weavers. (The flagship retail storefront at 841 Mass will continue on, business as usual; an expanded selection of stationery offerings will now move into the former gallery area.) Local artist and craftsperson Aaron Marable has been renovating the space since the spring and will co-curate the Wonder Fair Gallery with Moore. They’ll be selling artist books, prints, and ceramics at the new gallery, too, as well as hosting a variety of Wonder Fair community events and workshops that until recently have been hosted at a variety of different Lawrence venues.

“The gallery is an essential part of what we do for the community, especially the art community, so we needed to bring a quality space that’s promoting their work,” Moore told the Daily Kansan earlier this year. “Traditionally with art galleries, it’s difficult to make ends meet, but we’re very fortunate with the shop helping keep the gallery afloat while the gallery supports the vibrant community. It’s all very circular, each part helping the other.”

Wonder Fair Gallery (15 W. Ninth Street, Lawrence) celebrates its grand opening this Final Friday, September 27, with a show from printmaker Kristen Martincic from 5 p.m.–10 p.m.