Wish you were here: Rightbloggers celebrate Obama’s vacation with attacks, photo analysis

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President Obama has just come back

from his Hawaii vacation, but for rightbloggers it was as if he never

went away. They continued to hammer Obama’s terrorism policy in his

absence, recycling old tropes and coming up with with some fascinating

new ones.

When seven members of the CIA were killed in a suicide attack in Afghanistan, Obama called it “a sad occasion in the history of the CIA and our country.” You might think that was thoughtful of him, but Erick Erickson of RedState asked, “Could this actually be the greatest and potentially the deadliest of Obama’s screw ups so far?”

“I missed the implications of this up front,” he admitted, but

“… I am hearing from members of the American intelligence community

and some on the outside closely connected to those on the inside who

are raising a huge red flag right now…”

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