William S. Burroughs needed some “cat pans”

Since William S. Burroughs is going on 12 years dead, it must be time to shake loose the last few dollars from the famed writer’s corpse. Someone is selling Burroughs’ cat-centric shopping lists from his last days in Lawrence on eBay for the low, low price of $495 and you can “Buy it now.” Don’t worry. The lists are “authentic.”

The auction description says:

Page 1: Items written by Burroughs — 1. Cat Pans. 5. Limes & lemons. 6. Dry Cat Food. 7. Canned Cat food — Mealtime, bits of beef — salmon dinner. There are 4 items written on the back and none are by Burroughs.

It goes on for two more pages of waffles and Triscuits and vodka and Lipton tea bags. If Burroughs is out of your price range, I’ll sell you my grocery lists for $100. You’ll never know what’ll show up on the list. Is this a week for Cascone’s pasta sauce or budget-cutting Ragu? Best Choice chocolate chip cookies or Oreos? Cap’n Crunch or Apple Jacks? Yeah, not exactly the makings of a grown man, but I

do love crunch berries. Hat tip to Boing Boing.

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