Will Syn fake weed get you high? The Pitch product tests for you

After nearly two years on the shelves, synthetic weed is finally going away for good. State lawmakers failed to stem the tide, and now the federal government has stepped in, issuing a temporary emergency ban on all fake pot that will start at the end of the month and run at least a year — or as long as it takes for them to figure our just what the long-term effects of the chemicals might be.

So with one month left to stock up, is it worth your time an money to invest in Syn? Currently the most popular of dozens of variations on K2 (the faux-reefer that started it all) Syn racks up thousands of dollars in sales every day for metro shops, including the subject of this week’s feature, the Coffee Wonk (“Buzz Factory“) Can thousands of stoners be wrong, or should you get a bag of Syn while the getting is good? For the last time, The Pitch Action News Team smokes up for you.

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