“We’ve got a long program for you tonight,” Jeff Tweedy announced at the beginning of Wilco‘s recent two-hour performance in Columbia. What followed was pure bliss for die-hards who feared that the shape-shifting band would forsake its back catalog in favor of mellower material from this year’s quietly resplendent Sky Blue Sky. Refueled versions of “Passenger Side” and “Casino Queen” surfaced alongside cuts from Mermaid Avenue, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot and Summerteeth. Nels Cline reasserted his status as the sickest motherfucker ever to play the guitar, and a longhaired Glenn Kotche brought his typical Animal-from-the-Muppets fierceness to the table. With the equally fantastic Andrew Bird setting the stage, tonight’s show will hardly try to break your heart. 

Wilco, with Andrew Bird. Saturday, October 13, at the Crossroads at Grinders.

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