Wichita kids would rather eat with their own gender, thank you very much

Cooties’ days in Wichita are numbered. Reuters reports that middle schools in the city are converting to lunch periods segregated by sex, and the young’uns love it, as do school administrators who say the arrangement reduces misbehavior and makes students more comfortable.

Three middle schools in the Wichita School District now are having boys and girls eat their chicken nuggets and micro milk cartons isolated from each other, and it sounds like the results have been pretty substantial. Pleasant Valley

Middle School principal Michael Archibeque

told Reuters that without all that awkward 12-year-old flirting and pigtail-pulling or whatever boys do today, “The girls really seem to like it because they

get their girl time without having to worry about boys.” And sales of imaginary tea and crumpets during lunch period girl time are providing a boost to school income.

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