Why do school districts insist on using droid names?

On April 6, voters will choose board members in Consolidated School District Nos. 1, 2 and 4.

That’s Hickman Mills, Raytown and Grandview for those who prefer plain English.

Out of dumb habit, a number of school districts in the area continue to use the numbers they were assigned at a time when public education began to shift from one-room schoolhouses to the system we know today. Consolidated School District No. 1 — what Earth people know as Hickman Mills — came into being in 1902.

The practice endures in spite of its obvious archaism. In fact, the words “Hickman Mills,” “Raytown,” and “Grandview” will not appear on the ballots in the upcoming election, according to a Kansas City Board of Elections sample. Shelley McThomas, the Democratic director at the Board of Elections, says the ballots merely reflect the language that was provided to them.

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