Where We Pee: The Replay Lounge men’s room

“Where We Pee” is a weekly excursion into a local music venue’s excretory facilities, with a premium on the witticisms scrawled onto the walls.

“You can’t put a bag over her personality.”

“Don’t get your dick in the urinal — crabs can pole vault.”

These are the sorts of things that seem to have sadly been obscured over the years in the men’s room of Lawrence’s Replay Lounge. The bathroom is famed the area over for being what one might euphemistically refer to as “colorful,” and others might refer to as “that hellhole of a restroom where the toilet floods on a frighteningly regular basis and always — I mean always — smells like urine.”

Once upon a time, the entire bar was decorated in a pinball theme. The tables near the door looked like flippers, while the tables around the windows looked like bumpers. This continued into the bathroom, which was decorated to look like the upright on a Kiss pinball game. Sadly, most of that was obscured with graffiti, and that’s been covered up from time to time with a fresh coat of paint whenever the scrawlings got jumbled. At this point, the only thing legible is a phrase reading “PUNK SNOT DEAD” and the lyrics to Sheryl Crow’s “If It Makes You Happy.” Even the amazing stencil “COCKNOOSE HATES YOU” only reads “ATE” now. So sad.

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