Where the Boys Are

The music at Quality Hill Playhouse this weekend makes a few detours around what audiences might expect from a show called Songs From the Silver Screen. For this cabaret review, director J. Kent Barnhart has culled such classics as the Judy Garland hit “You Made Me Love You” and a healthy smattering of Gershwin. However, he’s also snatched a few tunes from movies with music that aren’t musicals — including the kitschy Connie Francis hit “Where the Boys Are” (from the eponymous beach epic) and Pinocchio‘s tear-jerking Jiminy Cricket ballad “When You Wish Upon a Star.” Sharing the stage with Barnhart for the venue’s tenth anniversary season opener are Blanche Shively, Cindy Baker and the tenacious baritone James Wright. Songs From the Silver Screen debuts at 8 p.m. Friday and runs through Sunday, October 10, at Quality Hill Playhouse (303 West 10th Street). Call 816-421-1700 for ticket prices or more information. — Steve Walker

Walk This Way

SAT 9/11
The Walkmen formed in 2000 with former members of Jonathan Fire Eater and the Recoys, and the group often is lumped in with indie buzz bands Franz Ferdinand and Interpol. And rightfully so — the group rips off — uh, is influenced by — Joy Division, too. But hey, who doesn’t like Joy Division? The guys in the Walkmen, two of whom are cousins, grew up together around Washington, D.C. Now, however, they’re New York transplants who tour with the likes of the Killers. The group promotes its latest album, Bows and Arrows, with a 10:30 p.m. show at the Jackpot Saloon (943 Massachusetts in Lawrence); call 785-832-1085 for information. — Annie Fischer

Cole Cuts

It’s delightful, it’s delicious, it’s … de-Leawood. Gay marriage might be illegal in Kansas, but surely no one would object to a few rousing numbers from Cole Porter’s classic The Gay Divorce. With hopes high, the Leawood Stage Company presents the musical revue Red, Hot and Cole at 8:15 p.m. Thursday through Sunday at the Ironwoods Lodge (14701 Mission Road in Leawood). “The darker side of Cole Porter’s life is subtly and cleverly nuanced,” says coordinator Jerry Snider of the show. Though Porter was married to Linda Howard for 35 years, he was an active homosexual; he’s also notorious (like some homophobes we know in high places) for lying relentlessly about his nonexistent military career. The company holds a gala before Saturday’s show to raise money for lighting equipment. Admission to all shows is free. Call Snider at 913-339-6700, ext. 157, for more information. Jason Harper

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