What’s inside this week’s Pitch

Kansas lawmakers are suffering from “Fake Reefer Madness,” rushing to outlaw K2 synthetic marijuana before really knowing much about it. The Pitch‘s Peter Rugg looks at how the Sunflower State might just be the first state in America to ban K2.

Martin tries to re-frame the discussion of whether spending millions to make the Buck O’Neil Education and Research Center a reality is really a good idea.

The Crap Archivist shares his remedy to get you knocked up and reveals just how many orgasms a woman expects in a month (psst, it’s less than 10). This week’s crap: George W. Crane‘s Sex Problems in Marriage.

Your sent us letters; we

printed them.

Theater critic Alan Scherstuhl reviews the Coterie at Night’s “outlandish” and fun Scooby-Doo parody, Spooky Dog.

Ferruzza gives the Korean BBQ short ribs a taste Blue Fin Asian Fusion in Leawood.

Kyle Koch talks to former 95.7 The Vibe DJs Shorty and the Boyz, who started their own Internet radio station.

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