What Would Garth Brooks Tickets at the Sprint Center Cost?

It only took 90 minutes for country icon Garth Brooks to sell out all three dates of his Comeback Special Event. 400,000 tickets have been sold for five concert dates this July in one of the most widely anticipated concerts ever staged in Ireland. The question now becomes, will Garth come back across the pond and perform here in the States?

The five day concert kicks off on July 25th at the famous Croke Park in Ireland. While many are excited for this mini-tour to kick-off, residents near Croke Park are less enthused. Large events, they claim, have typically seen a huge influx of outsiders visiting the area and a huge influx of rowdiness and public indecency. Locals claim fans fail to behave themselves, inflicting major damage in the area. Nonetheless, those complaints have not altered plans for the concerts.

With Garth over in Ireland this summer, many are speculating that he will announce a North American tour some time during 2014. Garth Brooks tickets would be in high demand, especially if he were to visit the Sprint Center here in Kansas City. One could imagine a get-in price well north of $150 and an average ticket price somewhere in the $400’s, based off of similar concerts and ticket prices over in Ireland.

Many Americans are traveling to Ireland to see the show and they’ll have to pay a pretty penny to do so. For the opening show on July 25th, the average ticket price is $351, while the get in price is $194, according to Front Row King. This could be a once in a lifetime experience for all Garth Brooks fanatics out there, so people seem more than willing to pay. The question now becomes, will Garth be performing here in America, and what will fans be willing to pay to see him perform for the first time in years?

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