Wayward Weekender: Stay Tuned at Davey’s, Fiesta Kansas City, Antennas Up and Ha Ha Tonka

With Spring has come renewal on the Kansas City music scene. I started out this past Friday with a hearty, bolstering meal at Stroud’s, followed by a quick drink at Jazz on 39th (where the full moon had its best company of the evening, I swear), and then on to Davey’s Uptown Ramblers Club for the first installment of the Midwest Music Foundation‘s Stay Tuned series.

I missed the earlier acts, Mr. Marco’s V7 and the Afterparty, arriving as new-band-of-old-scenesters Hipshot Killer was bashing out no-bullshit American rock in the spirit of the early Replacements and Bad Religion. The band is fronted by ex-Architects guitarist Mike Alexander, who stands feet spread wide and uses just about every nerve in his body when he plays and sings. He’s backed up by Chris Wagner on bass and Brad Wicklander on drums. My camera was freaking out, so I only got pictures of American Catastrophe (below), but guess what? I took pictures of Hipshot the first time I saw ’em, which just happened to be at Davey’s a couple weeks ago, so here’s pretty much exactly what they looked like last Friday.

Lots of people enjoyed the band’s sound, which is especially tasty to ears, like mine, that have recently been tuned to the Gaslight Anthem.

Up next: Thee Water Moccasins. I don’t have a picture of them, either, but guess what? I took a picture of them playing last Friday at Midwestern Musical Co. and never posted it. So, while this isn’t exactly what they looked like playing last Friday, it’s as close as we’re gonna get.

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