Wayward Q&A: Crackin’ Nuts with Robert Moore of Sonic Spectrum

Robert Moore knows music.

I caught up with the host of KRBZ 96.5 FM’s Sonic Spectrum, CEO of local label Oxblood Records and ubiquitous face on the KC indie rock scene via e-mail and discussed past and present Kansas City music, DJ gigging and what sounds are cookin’ so far this year.

The Pitch: What is the best, most unique show you have seen within the last five years in Kansas City?

Robert Moore: Well, best and most unique could actually be separate. A few that come to mind…AC/DC at the Sprint Center, Gary Numan at Record Bar, Woven Hand at Record Bar, X at the Madrid and Nomeansno at Record Bar.

What’s new with Oxblood Records?

We’re about to release a new 7″ from The Pedaljets and we have a few more releases that we’re working on. The compilation, First Blood, is still selling nicely in the digital world thanks to the constant touring of the Republic Tigers and the Ssion.

What do you think the music scene needs more of in Kansas City?

Fans. We have enough venues that feature local music and we have great coverage from local papers, online ‘zines and radio. It’s not the economy … this has been an issue for quite awhile. Support your local scene. It’s a damn good one.

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