Wayward Q&A: Crackin’ Nuts with Duane Trower

Duane Trower is a busy dude.

Usually found behind the soundboards of the Record Bar, the Brick or Czar Bar, Duane has also played with some of KC’s most acclaimed bands (Season to Risk, Overstep, Doris Henson) and recorded, mixed or mastered even more of them (The Beautiful Bodies, Olympic Size, the Grand Marquis), often at Westend Recording Studios.

We caught up with Duane via e-mail to get this sound dude to sound off.

The Pitch: What are your KC roots?

Trower: I was born in western Kansas. Lived in Boulder, Colorado, for a while as a kid, and have been in Kansas City since.

What do you read? How do you stay informed?

Tape Op (magazine), Gearslutz.com and various recording forums, Found Magazine for inspiration, and listening to music, recorded and live, to search for something new and exciting.

What’s the craziest sound mixing/recording experience you’ve ever had?

I’m not sure about craziest … Maybe witnessing two cases of beer consumed between three guys during a final mix session, a singer thinking that smoking meth would help him hit a higher note, or a high blind rapper almost fall onto a drum set. Wow, these are all substance related!

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