Wayward Podcast: “Hollywood Hi-Fi”

With the sheer number of celebrity songs mentioned in today’s Rock of Pages post on George Gimarc and Pat Reeder’s Hollywood Hi-Fi, it seemed appropriate to launch the Wayward Podcast. This is going to run once a month or so, highlighting music that gets mentioned in conjunction with a book, incoming artist, or whatever happens to be in the news.

Because there’s so much information in the book, and due to the fact that the companion album is out of print, it seemed worthwhile to dig into my collection and present a few of the gems mentioned.

The audio quality is a little spotty in places, due to the fact that some of this stuff is sourced from LPs and singles recorded on the cheap. It’s not like a lot of this stuff is dying for a remastered and remixed reissue.

So, take a listen, and let us know what you think.

MP3: Wayward Podcast, “Hollywood Hi-Fi”

Track listing after the jump

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