Ways KC Music Fans Can Celebrate Earth Day


It’s Earth Day, music junkies. So after you’ve taken the trash you forgot to set on the curb Sunday night to a nearby apartment complex dumpster and gone to work, where you will never again flush after No. 1, peruse the following list of ways you can become a certifiably green music consumer.

Part I: The Concert Season

1. Plan to see shows at the greened-up Sandstone this summer.

2. Donate all of your seeds and stems to Willie Nelson so he can turn them into biodeisel for his bus.

3. Should you ever find yourself on Dave Matthews‘ tour bus (and who doesn’t, at one time or another?), don’t use the loo.

4. Shit in the woods (rather than in portapotties) at all outdoor music festivals. Wipe with a leaf.

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