Waterboy Watch, week 9: Funk’s Footballers lose

Mayor Mark Funkhouser didn’t do shit with his fantasy football team this week, and he got his ass handed to him by The Commish, 74-45.

Funk played Philadelphia running back Brain Westbrook — who hasn’t played a game since October 26 when he suffered a concussion. Why the fuck he’s in Funk’s lineup is beyond me.

Also in Funk’s lineup, Baltimore Ravens running back Willis McGahee, who ran the ball twice for negative 1 yards, and Jacksonville Jaguars tight end Marcedes Lewis, who caught one pass for three yards.

Just ugly.

By the way, Funk picked up Lewis after dropping Oakland Raiders tight end Zach Miller, who caught five passes for 52 yards.

Funk’s record is now 4-5. That’ll get you ninth-place. Funk’s Footballers go on to play eighth-place Results Minneapolis, run by Minneapolis Mayor R.T. Rybak.

Maybe Funk will take the guy with a fucking concussion out of his lineup.

Photo illustration by Zachary Trover.

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