Waterboy Watch, week 8: Funk’s Footballers win

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Mayor Mark Funkhouser‘s squeaked out an ugly win in this week’s fantasy football mach-up with Green Bay Mayor James J. Scmitt and his Green Machine. Funk’s football won 69-54 and moved to eighth place with a 4-4 record..

I misread last week’s schedule and thought Funk was playing Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown. Not so. And that was good news for Funk because Brown’s team is really good.

Dallas quarterback Tony Romo (256 yards passing and three touchdowns) and receiver Roddy White (four catches for 108 yards and a touchdown) led Funk’s Footballers to glory.

Next week, Funk’s Footballers play seventh-place The Commish, led by an anonymous and an unaffiliated player.

Photo illustration by Zachary Trover.

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